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Methods for body composition testing:

Use a Bodecoder Body Composition Analyzer and other highly accurate indirect calorimeter

We  recommend you doing a detailed Body Composition Data Analysis to determine:

Segmental analysis for all body parts:

* BMI (Body Mass Index)

* Total Body Fluid percentage

* Fat Mass and Fat Free Mass, Visceral Fat Index

* Total Body Water percentage

* Skeletal Mass percentage and Bone Mineral Content

* Basal Metabolic Rate (how many calories the body burns /day)

* Biological age

* Resting Energy Expenditure (REE/BMR) by measuring both VO2 and VCO2 values, Respiratory Quotient (RQ),

* Energy Source: the ratio of fat and carbohydrates each individual burns.

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Understand your metabolism

Your metabolism will definitely get lower once you reduce weight as your body require less energy to move around. Your RDR & TEE drop due to lower calories intake & lower weight. It’s very unlikely that you have “damaged” your metabolism.

Another related factor to your metabolism is sleep which is mandatory to your body so try to get enough sleep to keep the balance needed in your lifestyle.

Remember, the more calories in excess you have the more they will cause weight gain so focus on the quality of foods and only eat food with less calories by mean instead of a fat burger eat a salad. In fact, if you eat 10 salads instead of 1 burger that would not be counted as 5% of the total calories that is found in 1 burger so start cutting calories and increase lean proteins along with daily exercise instead and don’t forget to drink plenty of water and sleep regularly.


Understand all the mechanisms behind circadian biology over all 4 seasons and 24 hours periods. 

-Have enough Sleep
-Eat 3 times a day regularly
-Exercise right to raise the level of your metabolic syndrome.


Eating big in the morning only doesn’t help you lose weight!


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Be your own personal Chef!

Learn to cook, go to the supermarket and buy fresh ingredients and cook it yourself. Yes, at first it might not taste as good but eventually you will get better and more efficient and faster. Check videos on YouTube and search for recipes, make cooking your hobby.

Don’t forget to make sure to consume your largest meal in the morning and NOT IN THE EVENING”.


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Here are 3 Favorite Chutneys recipes
  • Eat 6 to 8 curry leaves in the morning on empty stomach
  • Green Chutney
  • Mango Chutney and Tomato Chutney

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Someone who can maintain this kind of variety along with a few other simple lifestyle changes for 30 days, will be well on their way to having a great body.

It’s super fast to make a great breakfast or snack option, especially for people on the go and those looking to lose weight. Remember, It takes only a minute! All you need is a blender and the following ingredients:

– 1-2 bananas
– 1/2 cup frozen peaches
– 1/2 cup frozen mango
– a couple handfuls of spinach

Also, try organic food instead.

Note: No carbs or sugar, drink lots of water, eat protein, lean meat and certain veg (not starches or legumes). No fruit, starch or alcohol. Try drinking Nothing but water, at least 64 oz per day and you will notice the results within a month.


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