How to maintain the best Nutrition Tips?

Here are the facts to lower the fat:
Fat is essential for proper functions in your body.It controls the inflammation of your blood clotting and brain development.
Fat insulates your body and protects the organs, It is also essential for a healthier skin and hair. Fat soluble vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream via fat.
Fat is a major source of energy for the body. 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories  so basically it’s more than twice the energy of the same amount of carbs and protein which is about 4 calories.
Of course there are good fats and bad fats. Fats that are considered bad are saturated fats and they usually cause high cholesterol, a waxy substance that is very hard to dilute in your blood and can stick to blood vessel and can cause heart disease.
Hydrongenated is another bad fat that refers to oils that are hardened examples of butter or margarine.
In addition, Trans fats are also bad fat that can raise your cholesterol which can be found in foods like biscuits,margarine and vegetable oils.