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We at Nutralite961 always work to the highest standard. Here is a simple blog which will provide you with the latest articles on health care and diet plans to lose weight fast. Let us help you with your eating habits and lifestyle. We will also provide you with the newest diet plans to help you lose your extra kilos and have a healthier life.

Health nutrition seems to be based on purely of assumption of someone eating a little less while living an extremely sedentary lifestyle vs someone eating more while exercising more. However, Dieting is still a numbers game meaning If you burn more calories throughout the day than you intake, then you lose more weights so yes eating less can make you lose weight.

Let’s take Christian Bale as an example,  he lost so much weighs before he acted in the movie “the Machinist” by eating only an apple and a can of tuna everyday and by taking a walk for an hour for his exercise so eating less DOES help you lose weight but it is not always that healthy for your body.


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Facts that once you start losing weights you keep the muscle tissues by mean when the body is being starved it holds onto as much energy as possible because the body is designed for survival which is then stored as body fats, so the only healthy way to lose weight the right way is to eat balanced carbs, protein, caloric diet and work out intensely.

Moreover, one of the best ways to lose weight fast is to eat healthy food so try to focus more on fiber and protein and don’t forget to try to completely cut out Carbs (This also leads to eating less calories). However, Remember to always decrease your calories in small increments to achieve the best results of your diet plan.

Here is a simple Weight Loss Formula

Humans were not meant to eat six time a day. In fact, we are only farming for about few thousand years. We have not evolved substantially enough for a drastic change in our natural diet. We are just like any other creature, we are meant to hunt or forage for food. Generally, in nature, that means we would eat to survive, not to indulge every few hours.


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There is one truth to this article, subtracting mass loads of calories from your diet is definitely not the answer. The right answer is keeping your calories the same but modifying your macros (Proteins, Carbs and Fats) in such a way that your body will use its fat stores for energy to power your brain. You will then become alert and your current energy levels will spike dramatically. This is one of the best methods that you can try following our weight loss programs.

Important Fact:
Try alternative ways before jumping into conclusions 

Many people seek weight loss surgeries before trying alternative solutions such as healthy diet plans and weight loss programs. People need to know the difference between losing weight and losing fat which is a massive difference. Many people think because they are losing scale weight means they are doing the right thing which is completely wrong. If you only have little body fat you can lose muscle mass at a quicker rate than fat unless you train more. The less muscle you have the lower your metabolic rate, the harder it is to lose weight. Strength and resistances training, not slogging on a treadmill. However, lifting weights maintain and increase muscle mass which in return increase your metabolic rate meaning you burn more calories even at rest so start lifting some weights and take a 15 minutes walk 3 days a week before considering having a weight loss surgery.

Moreover, Science has proven that workout comes second to losing weight from eating less and having small meals. It also been proven that cutting calories and over sleep can both have a positive impact on your weight loss journey, that means eating less fast food and sleeping not more than 8 hours regularly will help you achieve your goal easily. Remember meal sizing and timing have no effect on body weight changes (Einstein’s energy law).


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One last fact is to remember that it’s all about having more output than input, It’s all about balance.  Switch to a healthier diet plan and eat less along with workout but don’t believe that skipping meals will help you lose more weights as it doesn’t really work. Always have a little something to eat otherwise your body will think your starving and will pack on fat. Have multiple small meals instead of heavy meals. Have regular sleep habits and avoid stress. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Note: we highly encourage reading “Fat Chance” by Dr Robert Lustig and “The Fast Diet” by Michael Mosley.


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