7 Things Happen When You Suffer Within You, No One Notice It …

A depressed crying woman

Life happens to us to face painful experiences that we dare not speak to others, out of shame or caution. The suffering destroys us and we can not solve it. It may be a disease, or a loss of a dear person, a deep sense of evil … In all cases, this dull suffering may have profound consequences for our daily lives and continues to add pain on top of our pain.

1. You claim that everything is fine but you no motivation at work or in society, you try to look strong and well but the reality your weak and defeated. It feels impossible to do what you really want in the community: you cry a lot, you scream and you wish if you could say what is in your heart but unfortunately you just can’t. The effort you make to control yourself drains all your energy.

2. You have talked about what will destroy you without solving this problem. It is often said that it is enough to describe the problem with words in order to be partially resolved. But in this particular case, it did not work. You talk about it with your family, with your friends and with a psychiatrist with despite sympathy and welcome, none of these people actually can understand what was destroying you. Without a doubt, Only you alone can find a solution to this ordeal. To be sure that you are alone to face such a problem that is beyond your abilities is hard, but it is solved by you and not by anyone else. Others give you hopes thinking that they will be able to help you.

3. Even if you are surrounded by many people, you always feel that you are alone and you feel isolated from the whole world, even from your closest friends. When you try to discuss the issue with them, you feel that there is a wall standing between you and them which is preventing them from understanding you. As a result, you prefer to listen to them speaking so at least there will be no possibility of misunderstanding.

4. You want to be alone but at the same time, you want your family and friends to stand with you and to be kind to you Your problem dominates you so much that you yearn to be alone and to leave you in peace. But, oddly enough, you also need love and friendship, and until you are surrounded by tenderness.

5. They consider you stupid because you are turning from good mood to a position that is far apart and undeterred without warning It is normal to have mood swings, as you would be on “with” and on “without”. However, since others do not know what is happening to you, they can not understand you.

6. Your thinking is confused and you have difficulties concentrating
Whatever you do, your thinking remains influenced by your problem, which prevents you from thinking normally. It is hard to keep your mind with what you are doing under these circumstances.

7. You know that you are the only one who will find a solution to what will destroy you from the inside now At the present moment, you are barely living with this problem. But, with patience and courage, you will overcome them. This is life: a series of ups and downs. Walk with her and keep moving, step by step.

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